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Find samples below of websites I have created and managed:

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Catholic Social Thought online resources:  This annotated collection of over 2000 links has been accessed more than 200,000 times from all over the world.  It's a top-3 search result for "Catholic Social Thought" in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Click the icon at left to be taken to the site.

Annotated Guide to Class Website:  I make my own class websites using PBWorks.  Each is a landing page where students find all they need for readings, course materials, assignments, grading, online preparation for class discussion, etc.  This page is an annotated guide from the website to my class on St. Thomas Aquinas.  Click to expand.

Department of Religious Studies Home Page:  In the mid-1990s, I created and then managed the first departmental website at Saint Mary's.  

Interactive Forms to Administer Curriculum:  Using Wufoo, I created and manage interactive forms to expedite the work of committees charged with course approval and program modification.  Click the icon at left to be taken to one example of such a form.

General Education Blog:  To render the work of the Ad Hoc Committee on General Education more transparent to our faculty colleagues, I created this blog that held the minutes of all our meetings as well as links to relevant documents and websites informing our work.

Additional Testimonials


       During my 25 years in the Saint Mary's College Information Technology Department, my principle responsibilities as Director of Instructional Technology involved support for faculty. During this entire time, my relationship with Joe Incandela was primarily that of an apprentice to a skilled and masterful Teacher. Never satisfied to follow the crowd, conversations with Joe always revealed a demanding and profound desire to learn from students and colleagues, creative ways in which teaching could be enriched so as to enable and motivate deeper student learning or to make more effective use of faculty efforts. Professor Incandela's leadership as a teacher among the faculty, and his reputation among students for innovative new approaches, gave added significance to my work with Joe. His very high pedagogical standards, while maintaining very positive relationships with students, peers and the staff, are clear evidence of leadership ability, which continues to be evident in challenging Administrative responsibilities. 

—Dan Mandell, Ph.D., Former Director of Instructional Technology at Saint Mary's College

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